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"Leibniz - DAAD - Scholarships" for Doctoral Candidates and Postdocs

This programme is open to highly motivated and qualified graduates, Ph.D. students and Postdocs aiming to carry out research at one of the participating Leibniz Institutes. Candidates should be aware of the research profile of possible host insti-tutes. It is expected that the candidates rank among the top performers of their cor-responding peer group.

Scholarships can be awarded for a period from 12 to 36 months. It is also possible to gain a doctorate in Germany. Applications for a "Leibniz - DAAD - Scholarship" need to be submitted to the relevant diplomatic missions of the Federal Republic of Germany or to the DAAD regional offices. They cannot be submitted to DAAD Head Office in Bonn directly.

The next application deadline is 1. December 2006

The Leibniz Institutes involved in this programme and their offers for 2006/2007 can be found under "Current Offer".

The Leibniz Association comprises 84 non-university research institutes and ser-vice facilities for research. Leibniz Institutes work interdisciplinary and combine basic and applied research of superior significance. They are obliged to scientific excellence. Detailed information about the Leibniz Association and all its institutes are available at the website


The „Leibniz DAAD - Scholarships“ provide young foreign academics and scientists with an opportunity to complete a research project or a programme of continuing education and training at a Leibniz Institute. The scholarships are financed by the participating Leib-niz Institutes and awarded according to the regular DAAD-scholarship conditions. The institutes involved in this programme and their offers for 2007 can be found under “Current Offer”.

Scholarships and Duration

Type A: Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Germany (max. 36 months)

Type B: Research projects with the aim of gaining a Doctorate in the
home country (12 to 24 months)

Type C: Research projects for Postdocs (12 to 24 months).

The scholarships will be initially awarded for a period of up to 12 months. Extensions de-pend on whether or not the host institute confirms that the previous research / study pe-riod has been successfully completed.


Type A / B: The monthly scholarship value will be minimum 975 € with additional payment of a lump sum for international travel expenses and health insurance. If necessary a family allowance can be granted.

Type C: The monthly scholarship value will be 1.840 €; no further allowances can be granted.


• Applications for a „Leibniz – DAAD - Scholarship“ are open to excellently-qualified university graduates who hold a Diplom or Master’s degree at the time they com-mence the supported research (Type A or B) or who have already gained their doctor-ate / PhD (Type C).
• The most important selection criteria are the previous study and research achieve-ments in one of the research fields of the participating Leibniz Institutes.
• English language skills (TOEFL: 550 / 217) are generally required and to be proved; the host Leibniz Institute is responsible for deciding on whether or not to fund a two-months German language course.
• Applicants with the purpose of gaining a doctorate in the home country (Type B) have to provide proof that they are admitted as Ph.D. candidates at a university in the home country.
• Applicants for a Type A scholarship are subject to an age limit of 32. Applicants for a Type B scholarship should not be older than 36 years at the time of application. Applicants for a Type C scholarship should not have exceeded the age of 42 years.
Special information for medical students: University degrees must be equivalent to the German „Approbation“ (license to practise medicine) - that means proof of at least seven years of specialist training and permission to practise as a medical doctor in the home country (registered doctor).

Application Papers

• Applicants are expected to submit the complete “Application for a Leibniz-DAAD Fellowship 2006/2007”. Accompanying documents are listed in the Special Application Form
• Applicants are expected to submit abstracts of their final dissertation or of their doctoral / PhD thesis and a statement of their reasons for applying for the fellowship.
• It is not necessary to present a confirmation of supervision from the host Leibniz Institute. It is expected that excellent candidates are aware of the research profile of the possible host institute.
• The DAAD will not consider incomplete applications.
• Applications must not be sent directly to the DAAD head office in Bonn or to the Leibniz Institutes.

  • See “Current offer”

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